Under the radar and over the top, Columbus, GA blends a vibrant artsy energy with unique local history and a killer food scene.  It’s also the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors, listen to local  bands and taste finely brewed beer. In short, we’ve got world-class  experiences without the world-class ego (you can thank us later). 


Albany sits at the center of Southwest Georgia, a storied  region closely tied to America’s early Indian culture, the antebellum  age of the Old South and the timeless sport of fishing and hunting.  Lying below the land around Albany is the Floridan Aquifer, an ocean of  fresh water that feeds the area’s rivers and creeks and fuels its  economy.


We are small towns with a large presence.  Ideas and innovations that impacted not just a country, but an entire world was nurtured in our community.

Buena Vista

  We invite visitors and new  residents to our Southwest Georgia town. Whether you are riding a bike,  jogging, walking or riding through Buena Vista, a stop at any site will  soon thrill you with the charm and vitality of this town.  

-Marion County Chamber of Commerce 

Pasaquan - An Internationally Recognized Visionary Art Environment

Clay County

 Clay County is  a county located in the U.S. state of Georgia. As of the 2010 census,  the population was 3,183,[1] making it the fifth-least populous county  in Georgia. The county seat is Fort Gaines.


Located in Southwest Georgia among the pine trees, peanut fields, magnolias, and gnats is Plains, Georgia, U. S. A.  With a population of 683, Plains is situated in one of the state’s most lucrative farming regions.

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 Eufaula, Alabama, settled high upon a bluff overlooking the beautiful  45,000-acre Lake Eufaula, is located in southeastern Alabama along the  Alabama-Georgia border, approximately 90 miles southeast of Montgomery,  the state capital. The City of Eufaula was incorporated under its  present name in 1843, but was first settled in 1816.