Welcome to Stewart County

Nestled in Southwest Georgia on the Chattahoochee River, Stewart County is unique. From hiking at Providence Canyon (The Little Grand Canyon) to tours - Omaha Brewing Company, Richland Distillery, Dr. Hatchett's Drugstore Museum, Bedingfield Inn Museum, and more - to hunting and fishing, Stewart County has a lot to explore.  Come see!

Recreation & Nature


Providence Canyon State Park, Florence Marina State Park, Rood Creek Landing, wildlife viewing areas and great fishing will enchant you.

Beer & Spirits


On your visit, sip America’s award-winning Rum and taste unique, handcrafted Beers. Field-to-table has been our staple for 100 years

History & Heritage


Stewart County's history and heritage runs deep through the hilly farmland and deep gullies. Explore the rich history of Indian Creek Wars, railroad towns and agricultural industry.

Historic Attractions


 You’ll find the story of our people around every turn in the road, while Bedingfield Inn Museum reveals the South of 1836.



Which do you prefer: driving tours or drinking tours? Find a designated driver and have fun with both!

Where is Stewart County?

Atlanta 135 miles /  LaGrange 72 miles

Columbus 28 miles / Tallahassee 152

Bordered by the Chattahoochee River on the west, Stewart County is easily accessible from I-185 & I-75

Stewart County is home to multiple towns: 

Lumpkin, Richland,  Louvale, and Omaha

Stewart County is 464 sq miles of diverse recreational, historical and cultural attractions


Nov 8-9

Pig Fest

All day


Event Details

Nov 8-9

Pig Fest

Two day event with Arts & Crafts, Commercial Vendors. Food vendors have already been filled. Free entertainment has been secured for Friday & all day Saturday and Saturday night .

All day


History & Heritage Sneak Peak

Stewart County’s Most Influential Citizen

Sidney Root moved from Vermont to Lumpkin in 1847 as a young man to learn the mercantile business from his cousin, William Rawson, who had an established store here. Success here couldn’t contain him, and he moved to Atlanta in 1857. He became wildly successful in Atlanta before the war, so much so that Confederate President Jefferson Davis tapped him to run the Union blockades of the South’s eastern ports. (The South needed supplies from Europe for the troops and the citizens.) Root already had a shipping business at Wilmington, North Carolina and Charleston, South Carolina. By the end of the war, he had built his steamship fleet to 22 vessels and was a multi-millionaire. The Union seized much of his wealth after the war. Still, he had wisely split his holdings between banks in both the North and the South. He lived in New York immediately after the war so that his son could attend Columbia University to become an engineer. Later, Root and his wife moved back to Atlanta. Some of his accomplishments:

· Root was friends with both President Lincoln and President Davis.

· Root knew both General Grant and General Lee.

· He helped found Mount Olivet Church, a church for freed former slaves in New York.

· He wrote a children’s Bible study book which sold about 20,000 copies.

· He founded the Board of Direct trade in Atlanta before the war which helped establish Atlanta as an international city and became the predecessor of the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce.

· He designed Grant Park in Atlanta.

· He was an early advocate of prison reform and helped found a movement in Atlanta which eventually became the leading accreditation organization of corrections, the American Correctional Association.

· He was an early advocate of forestry and helped found the forestry profession.

· He was a trustee for Spellman College in Atlanta, guiding major contributions from his contacts.

· He is probably the only Stewart Countian ever to be mentioned on the front page of the New York Times. His obituary there called him Jefferson Davis’s closest friend. 

Checkout the History & Heritage page for more information!

Sidney Root (1824-1897)
New Georgia Encyclopedia.
Original entry by Matthew M. Moye, Lumpkin
Sidney Root (1824-1897) New Georgia Encyclopedia. Original entry by Matthew M. Moye, Lumpkin

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